The Stawamus Chief

Fun to look at and incredible to look off of, the Chief is something you have to climb!

Just over 2000 feet (609 m) straight out of the Howe Sound, the World’s second largest monolith has spiritual, recreational and economic significance to many.

The Squamish people, whom are indigenous to the area, named the Stawamus Chief Mountain after the village that is located at the base of this massive granite dome.

With over 250 five star reviews on it is explored and enjoyed by many and that number barely includes any of the extreme climbers and slake-liners that scour the sheer faces and gullies for adrenaline.

If you stand in the car park for a while and look up you are bound to see (and hear) a climber on one of its many pitches.

If you are not brave ( or equipped ) enough to scale right up the front, you can scurry around back and be up top taking in the panorama in about an hour.

With the new Sea to Sky gondola now in its 3rd year of operation you no longer see gorbys hiking the trail in stilettos!

Albeit, the gondy is definitely a great option if you don’t have the right footwear and/ or lungs to tackle the climb.

All hail the Chief!!

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