The Tantalus

Located across the Squamish river from the mighty Chief stands one of the most rugged and daunting ranges in the Coastal Mountains.

Loved by steep skiers, alpinists and photographers alike, the Tantalus Range opens way to some of the most impressive mountain scenery in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Stunning views of the 3 main peaks from Brohm Ridge and Cheakamus Canyon along Hwy 99 get you up close and intimate with this coveted range.

The local indigenous Squamish people refer to the mountain as tsekílx.

I really wish I knew what that meant but I cant find any info about it whatsoever. Let us know if you do!

Pelion Mountian (2278m), Serratus Mountain (2321m) and Mount Tantalus (2603m) get their names from Greek Mythology.

King Tantalus was an evil ruler who thought he could trick the Gods. When his plan backfired, the gods punished the King by planting him in his own Royal garden.
There is also a version that says he was stuck in a river and unable to move. The low hanging fruit was in view but just out of reach for the rotten King and the water would recede whenever he would try and take a drink. He slowly faded away.

Not only is this the origin of the word ‘tantalize’ but it is also where a local mountain climber was tantalized by the awe-inspiring beauty of the knarley mountain topography and coined them accordingly.

To tantalize is to mesmerize!

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